The Intimate Forest

A Celebration of the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings by Harlan


Alaskan Marsh

Alaskan Marsh

36 x 24 1998 $2000

In 1996 I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Alaska. While all the other people on our tour were busy looking up to see the mountains or to look for eagles, I was hunched over taking photos of the ground. One of our tour guides eventually came over and asked what it was I was doing. I explained that I was an artist and I was taking reference photos suitable for my work. As it happened, he also was an artist. During the tourist season he worked as a guide but off season he devoted his time to painting. He had a portfolio with him on the bus which I was allowed to look through as we traveled to our next stop. What a pleasure that was!

The above scene is of a marsh not far from Sitka. We had friends who live in Sitka and they showed us around the special wild areas that they knew I would particularly enjoy. I love the hint of water surrounded by the lush growth and the tangle of grasses.