The Intimate Forest

A Celebration of the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings by Harlan


druid moon


Druid Moon

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I am not a fast painter. My work generally takes weeks to complete so every now and then I give myself a project to produce in a shorter period of time. Druid Moon is one such project being painted in one long painting session.

The inspiration for this piece comes from a lovely restaurant called The Old Prune in Stratford, Ontario. Should you ever have the pleasure of visiting Stratford, I highly recommend dining at the Old Prune at least one evening during your stay. The restaurant was extended many years ago to provide additional dining space and to make a feature of the exceptional tree in the rear garden. I have another painting of this tree among the works cataloged on this site.

In the new dining area there are circular windows placed high in the wall across from the large windows opening onto the garden and the tree. If you happen to be seated at the right table you can see the reflection of the circular window imposed upon the tree in the garden. This painting is of that particular view.