The Intimate Forest

A Celebration of the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings by Harlan


moneyplant leaning into the sun


Into the Sun

36x48 2005


Moneyplant arrived in my yard by accident. Happy accident since I have always liked the plant and am very fond of any plant that can thrive in my woods. Since the first few plants magically appeared I have strewn their seeds to other areas of the garden and been delighted with the results. My moneyplants will sometimes bloom twice in a year but what I love most is they'll produce beautiful flowers in spring and gorgeous seed pods in fall. This particular plant happened to be growing near a clump of day lilies. All the wide, slender leaves belong to the lilies. These blossoms appeared to be leaning "into the sun", to be reaching for that precious light. The play of light and shadow just had to be painted.