The Intimate Forest

A Celebration of the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings by Harlan


spring scent - lilacs in bloom



Spring Scent

Oil on Canvas

30x40 2007 $5000

Lilacs are the fragrance of spring! Their flowers and foliage are so beautiful but their perfume is truly heaven! Where I grew up there were huge hedges of lilacs in every shade imaginable. Every spring my mother would cut hundreds of stems with the tight clusters of the blossoms before blooming to mail off to friends who would otherwise not be able to enjoy this marvelous treat of spring time. It was a gesture greatly appreciated by those who received her packages!

This was a very interesting project for me. The more I studied the blossoms the more colors and details I saw. Had I not had a deadline to have this work completed by the end of April I could easily have continued working for weeks. What a delight to become so familiar with each petal and the drops of water on the leaves!

Prints should be available in June 2007