The Intimate Forest

A Celebration of the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings by Harlan





30x40 2005

Giclee prints available


I have Narcissus in many places in the garden but the best patch is half way down the hillside towards the pond. They grow in a wild island of plant life defined by several Oak and Maple trees and companioned with Trilium, Tulips and Mayapples. I spotted these particular blossoms when the sun had not yet touched them for the day and had to wait for that perfect moment. To take my reference photo I had to lay down and position myself lower than the flowers and wait for the light to appear. I had painted Narcissus before and while that one is a lovely painting I was never completely pleased with my rendering of those lovely white petals. As I often do when I have not been satisfied with previous results, I try again. I'm very pleased with the results here and hope to one day again try my brush on some future Narcissus.