The Intimate Forest

A Celebration of the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings by Harlan


the old prune's tree


The Old Prune's Tree

In the collection of The Old Prune, Stratford Ontario


It has been my pleasure many times to visit Stratford Ontario to see the plays. As a child my family went every summer for almost a full week's visit. As an adult my journeys to this delightful place have been less frequent but always memorable. Although the plays are the primary reason for such visits, Stratford boast many exceptional restaurants that are equally worth the journey. Among my most favorite of these is The Old Prune. Set in an old victorian house The Old Prune serves up gourmet meals of exceptional quality.

Outside the back of the restaurant is a beautiful, if small garden, in the center of which stands this wonderful tree. When they expanded the restaurant years ago they took particular care to cause no damage to the tree and to make the tree the focal point of the new dining room. I love this tree and have from the first time I saw it. I have enjoyed many wonderful conversations under its boughs and delighted in the play of sunlight on its bark and leaves. It is a beautiful tree!

I did another painting of this tree called Druid Moon.