The Intimate Forest

A Celebration of the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings by Harlan


peony with ant


Peony with Ant

30x40 2006

Or another "I Hate Pink Painting"

Parrot Tulips was the first "I hate pink" painting and if you read the description on that painting you'll know that I did it for the challenge. So why am I doing it (painting in pink) again? Because this is a truly beautiful flower. Here the challenge is not so much the working in pinks as tackling those petals. Peonies can be very complex flowers and this one certainly is. I find it a bit ironic that while pink remains one of my least favorite colors I really don't mind painting with pinks at all. I liked the fact that this composition captured a blossom in full bloom and the remants of a spent blossom. My reference photo actually did not include an ant at all but the ant was put in at the suggestion of a friend and I believe it adds much to the piece.

the ant