The Intimate Forest

A Celebration of the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings by Harlan


squash blossom


Squash Blossom

36x48 date

This was my second primarily monochromatic painting. As blue predominates in Blue Hostas so green predominates in Squash Blossom. I was so "painting blind" by the time I finished Blue Hostas that I hated that painting for months and months. When finally sufficient time had passed, Blue Hostas became and remains one of my favorite paintings. I knew the "painting blindness" had been a result of the monochromatic nature of the piece so I deliberately set about painting another monochromatic piece to see if I would handle the challenge better. I chose this composition because I loved the lighting, the gloriously large squash leaves and the bright blossoms. Enough time has passed since I did this painting that I am very pleased with the results but I was "painting blind" when it was completed.

I have fared better with two primarily monochromatic paintings I have done since Squash Blossom. Parrot Tulips and Peony with Ant did not produce the "painting blindness" I experienced with Blue Hostas and this piece.